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    Carrefour launches second new concept in a week

    Carrefour City

    Barely a week after launching a new concept store in Brussels, Carrefour Belgium is at it again with a new city centre concept. Carrefour City hopes to lure in urban customers with organic food, private labels, a sustainable setting and a Carrefour Café.


    Zero waste

    The concept wants to fulfil urban customers' needs and follows Carrefour Belgium's strategy in food transition, ecology and digitisation, the retailer says. Shoppers are welcomed in a warm setting, where the store furniture is mostly recycled in order to decrease the store's environmental impact. Following the zero waste spirit, customers are asked to bring their own boxes and pots for bulk goods. Sustainable alternatives are available, including Carrefour's new range of bags made from sea junk. Moreover, the store incorporates bike delivery service ShipTo and self-scanning check-outs.


    The 200?sqm store offers a complete range of products for any everyday needs, focusing on the private labels Carrefour (1530?references) and Carrefour Bio (480?references). Meals like breakfast, salads, pizzas, sandwiches or soups can be either consumed on-the-go or in the Carrefour Café, a cosy corner of 60?sqm.


    Carrefour Belgium continues to expand, opening 18 stores already this year. Only last week, the retailer opened a pilot store for another new concept, showing the blueprint of a new generation of Carrefour Express convenience stores.